Welcome to Matthew Dennis’ Professional e-Portfolio!

Welcome my professional portfolio. My name is Matthew Dennis and I am pending certification as a History/English teacher in the Intermediate/Senior divisions. I believe that my experiences and abilities as an educator, my strong academic qualifications, my commitment to lifelong learning, and my desire to be an active member of the community will be welcomed in your school.

Equity, inclusion, and student success: these are the values which I hold dear and strive to instill in my classroom. I believe that all students should be given the resources and tools to become successful in both their academic studies and in their actual lives. In pursuit of this vision, I employ a wide range of assessments and strategies, to facilitate student engagement and to provide differentiated instruction to every type of learner. I endeavour to create a classroom environment where social justice is a fundamental aspect of student learning, and where every single student can trust that their opinions, experiences, and beliefs are valued equally.

During my current practicum placement, I have participated with the Breakfast Club and in tutoring an at-risk student after school. I also volunteer with the Boys 2 Men leadership program, as it mirrors my own teaching beliefs in terms of instilling leadership, social responsibility, and academic success in my students. Furthermore, I am helping to coach the boy’s baseball team and have coordinated and delivered a post-secondary essay writing workshop for senior students. I look forward to participating in such activities (moving forward) in my professional career.

I am confident that I will make a positive contribution to your school, both in the classroom, as a collaborative staff member, and in the area of extracurricular activities.